•  UL type A + B,DLC 4.0 qualified 4ft magic tube ZY-T8-18W1200 BIXX

UL type A + B,DLC 4.0 qualified 4ft magic tube ZY-T8-18W1200 BIXX

Product Code:ZY-T8-18W1200
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Color Temprature: 4000K/5000K
Size: 4ft
  • $144.00 15 Per Case

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Basic Feature

- James Magic type T8 direct replacement ballast compatible led tubes are an energy saving product as special replacement for traditional flourescent T8 lamps.
- Designed to operate on existing all instant start ballast,rapid start ballast and programmed start ballast and emergency fixture with input voltage of AC120-277V, AC347V.
- This magic tubes minimize labor and recycling costs.
- THD less than 20%, Power factor more than 0.90.
- Reduces energy consumption up to 40%.
- Stable lumens output for different ballast brand with different ballast factor.
- No UV emission.
- This tube only can work with ballast.

Detailed Data

- Model Name:ZY-T8-18W1200 Ballast Compatible Led Tube
- Wattage: 18W
- Life Span: 50000 Hours                                                                                        
- Weight:360g
- Led Chip: 120 pieces of SMT 2835                                                                            
- Power Factor: More than 0.90
- Efficiency: l40 lm/W 
- Certificates:DLC,UL type A and UL type B ,cUL,NSF,Lighting Facts,RoHs

Installation Instruction

Prepair for Installation

- Check the ballast installed in the field and make sure the ballast is in manufacturer's ballast list. If the ballast out of the list, a test must needed before mass installation.
- Loose and damaged lamp holder and socket need to be adjusted or be replaced.

"Plug" and "Play" procedure

- Turn off the power to the light fixture at the breaker panel before installation.
- Open the diffuser from the light fixture.Ensure pins are firmly seated in lampholders.
- Remove the flourescent tubes, Please dispose of these items properly as they contain mercury.


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